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What Are The Benefits Of Being a Silver Laptop Lifestyle Member?

In a addition to the 4 LIVE video trainings per month with Chin, Recorded live video trainings and Private emails sent out each week. We will also bring on proven expert guest to Educate, Empower and Enlighten the members. The Membership will be packed with up-to-date, modern marketing and advertising strategies that are working in real time! It's a behind the scenes step-by-step from Chin's online businesses and his drop shipping businesses!

Benefit #1: LIVE Video Trainings with Chin Each month, I'll stream at least FOUR live trainings inside the Membership...  

#1: I'll show you the latest and greatest ad, marketing and funnel strategies, followed by a live Q&A session.  

#2: I bring Silver Laptop Lifestyle members on LIVE and critique their instagram/facebook page, ads, funnels, copy, and offers personally!

Benefit #2: You'll also learn how I use $5 Facebook and Instagram Ads to attract customers and sell products on autopilot. You will see LIVE step by step my exact systems for targeting specific groups.  

Facebook continues to change and I will continue to share with you what's working. 

Benefit #3: You'll also learn my exact process on drop shipping physical products on autopilot. You will see LIVE behind saccess to all of the video trainings packed with full step by step training videos.  

Each of these videos are recording of Live Trainings and Q&& Sessions from the Academy.  

Benefit #4: 6 Figure Instagram post. Learn The Instagram BEAST Machine! 1 Post 6 Figures. As my business has grown over the years, I have developed hundreds of "tweaks" that while small, have resulted in MAJOR revenue for my business and my clients.  

Every time I find a new one, I record a little 5-10 min training explaining the tweak and how you can apply it to your business..  

The Silver Laptop Lifestyle Vault is a collection of short no crap training videos that show you exactly how to implement these techniques.  

Benefit #5: The Silver Laptop Lifestyle Marketing Private Group 

This is our Facebook group of serious, entrepreneurs that share information and where you can interact with Chin personally. 

Testimonials - What Did They Say?

@RobTheOriginal and Chin / D.L. Master Barber and Chin

Jay Majors, Tone McGill and Chin

Pacinos, Major League Barber/Founder and Chin

"Dropshipping" It's About MORE Than Just “Online Digital Products”

Learn my exact system for dropshipping products. Customers buy the product online, money goes into your bank account, a signal is sent to a dropshipping company and the dropshipping company sends the product to customers along with tracking info.  

Most recently, I have become a strategic investor in a brand new food company called: “247LoseWeight” a disruptive drug-free, all natural supplement company that has a cleanse, trim and hair growth supplement that are absolutely amazing!”

In my research, I studied all the Direct to Consumer Companies that are worth over $100,000,000 like Thrive, Hello Fresh, Amazon Fresh, Blue Apron, Nature Box, and many more!  

You’ll get to hear about the most vital insights you can model and use for your own from these companies that are on the leading edge! Another friend of mine, who does online marketing for an online health supplement company shared their step by step blue print on how the company sells over $135,000 per day...over $4 million per month.  

He deserves a lot of the credit, but the insights I gave them on Instagram marketing were extraordinarily helpful… and I want to share our blue prints with YOU! 

Plus, this AMAZING INSTAGRAM BONUS that you will see in the Live Training Tonight... 

Learn my exact Instagram Hacks. Want to learn my step by step process? I have a full Instagram Course.

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