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Why customers switched to "Sides9".  Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • I was tired of a plain haircut.

  • The barbershop had poor customer service.

  • I was tired of the long waiting for haircuts.

  • I was frustrated with the barbers lack of confidence.

  • Shawn "Sides9" solves those 4 problems and more for all of his clients.

Many people in the DFW area switched to Shawn "Sides9", because they wanted:

#1 Extraordinary Artistry 
#2 Super edge ups and Fades
#3 Great customer service 


  • Punctual Barber
  • Professional Enviroment 
  • Great Customer Service

About Shawn "Sides9"

Are you tired of just a haircut? Do you want the look and feel of a Celebrity? Well come see me, I'll make you Look and Feel like a Celebrity!

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