Learn from one of the world’s most successful Stylists and accelerate your success with The Razor Chic Mentoring Program

Only $97 per month

It’s $97/month for the membership, and that price is locked in for life.  

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Learn how to increase clientele

Learn how to move beyond the chair

Learn how to brand yourself

Learn how to properly set up your Instagram Account

Learn how to use your Social Media to attract clients 

Learn how to retail products

Learn how keep yourself booked solid

Learn how to open your own salon and barbershop

Learn how to operate a commission or booth rental salon

Learn how to transition from a Shop to a Salon

Learn how to write a Salon Business Plan

Learn how to write a Salon Policy and Procedure Manual

Learn how to hire professional staff members

Learn how to operate a professional First Class Salon

Learn how to properly file your taxes so you can easily purchase your dream home and cars

Learn how to transition from behind the chair

Learn how to write, publish and market your own book

Learn how accelerate (prices) to increase your income

Learn how to increase your prices and keep 100% of your customers

Razor Chic Mentoring Program is for Entrepreneurs who want to learn exactly how to make money and enjoy business. Learn how to move your business from struggling to thriving with the Razor Chic Mentoring Program. When you enroll in The Razor Chic Business Mentoring Program, you will master the Pillars of Wealth along with other key business systems (Retail, Product Creation, Branding, Automated Sales, Recurring Income, Reproducible Products, No Accounts Receivables, Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Ecommerce and...)

THINK ABOUT YOUR #1 BUSINESS PROBLEM… Maybe you’re out there on your own…  

Struggling with getting customers, marketing, branding, social media….or growing your salon…  

Now imagine that instead of buying a $5,000, multi-module course that takes 10 weeks to complete…  

Or Googling “how to grow your salon, get more customers, sell more products…  

Or spinning your wheels and making zero progress month after month…  

You just do a quick search…  

And you immediately have a step-by-step solution from Razor Chic and her Business Team…  

What would it be like, to have that PROVEN plan, always at your fingertips?

HI, I’M RAZOR CHIC, I started the Mentoring Program, because I know that building, growing and maintaining a salon is hard.  

And I know that doing it alone is almost impossible.  

Sure, maybe you can do it.  

But you’ll probably waste a lot of time and money doing the wrong things.  

For instance, in the early days of my salon, I got distracted and lost thousands of dollars.  

Maybe some of this sounds familiar…  

Feeling alone, like no one in your social circle “gets” your entrepreneurial goals… Feeling out of control, like you’re on a cash flow rollercoaster… Avoiding the things you don’t know how to do in the salon… Trying to run a salon and service clients at the same time, but salon not growing… Feeling frozen by your fear of marketing, even though you need more clients… Your salon not getting love from local clients, your social media not growing and you've tried everything... Constantly feeling distracted, like you’re spinning your wheels… Everyone gets stumped at some point, whether it’s your first business or your 5th.  

However, when you can learn directly from top performers, you’re not alone anymore…  

You can learn from their mistakes, saving you considerable time, money, and frustration.  

You can build your salon better and faster, by avoiding pitfalls and taking advantage of their best tactics.  

And you’ll be inspired by successful leaders, my team and me, to motivate you to reach that next level. 

Think about this: How long have you been trying to get to that next level?  

One month? One year? Three years?  

Meanwhile, other stylists are opening successful salons, retailing professional products to clients and attracting more clients than they can handle and ...  

 How did they do it? What do they know that you don’t?  

When you’re in the Razor Chic Mentoring Program, you’ll find out everything from A to Z about the hair industry.  

You don’t have to be BFFs with big names–My Team and I bring them to the Razor Chic Mentoring Program and they give you their step-by-step playbook.


It’s just $97/month for the membership, and that price is locked in for life.  

Join the membership NOW!

Razor Chic Mentoring Program is a consistent favorite–their in-depth interviews, step by step courses, detailed information, cutting edge technology and high production episodes always leave you satisfied and excited for more, not wishing there was something better.–For Stylists


#1: START TO THINK LIKE A TOP STYLISTS Every week we bring you the most profitable ideas, the stuff that TOP stylists and leaders are doing in their own businesses…  

And only Razor Chic Mentoring Program members get access to the entire library.

It’s the ultimate reference guide for starting and growing a salon or school.  

And unlike all of the other interview sites and free podcasts, we know how to get people to really open up.  

That means you’ll hear about their mindset hacks, early failures, how they conquered their personal demons, and how they launched and grew their salon, so that you can do the same.  

#2: TAKE ACTION LIKE YOUR HEROES IN THE HAIR INDUSTRY WORLD Razor Chic Mentoring Program also includes members-only courses–proven, step-by-step solutions for a specific startup challenge.  

Taught by expert founders, you’ll learn how to:  

Get more profitable ideas for your salon… Get more leads for your salon… Skyrocket your product sales, by training your staff properly… 

We’re committed to getting you UNstuck, so you can take action right away.  

#3: A STARTUP SALON REFERENCE LIBRARY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS You will have access to interviews and business courses, a Razor Chic Mentoring Program membership is like having a startup reference library. You’ll be able to:  

Instantly find interviews, courses, salon business tools, product develpment, marketing, branding, social media and more… Quickly find anything you’re looking for to make your salon and yourself successful… Follow a curated “path” of interviews and courses, based on your #1 goal, like “get more customers, sell more products, grow your salon, create a salon online business, market your salon/yourself on facebook, leverage social media, creating a website and much more!

Any time you’re stumped, wondering how other stylists did it, or unsure of your next move, you’re just a quick search away from proven solutions.  

#4: ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH WITH LIKE-MINDED MEMBERS Want to join a mastermind or connect with other stylists?  

Razor Chic Mentoring Program can help you find those stylists.  

It’s for stylists who are willing to put in the work, which is why we only help Razor Chic Mentoring Program members.  

WHAT PEOPLE ARE IN THE RAZOR CHIC MENTORING PROGRAM SAY: “I get access to the lessons and experiences of successful stylists. It’s a no brainer.”–James Sykes Founder of 24-7 Salons  

“I’ve nearly doubled my revenue the past month applying snippets of tools and tactics revealed within these interviews and courses.”–Chaka Moore, Entrepreneur, Master Barber, Manweaveunit Expert  

“I’ve been able to grow my brand and sell my books because of the things I’ve learned through the Razor Chic Mentoring Team interviews and courses.”–Bruce Buckner, Author  

“Before The Razor Chic Mentoring Program I didn’t have a stylist community. I didn’t know anybody in the market that was willing to share information. Most of the stylist that I know would never share their success secrets. I’ve learned so much from Razor Chic Mentoring Program that I’ve started to help other smaller businesses around me, whether they are stylists or barbers.”–Mozell Avery, Founder of Mozell Hair and Company  

“I learned enough from the Razor Chic interview (about how it does not matter how you start and what you go through, it's about never giving up and finishing the process)–and I’m confident and motivated that I can achieve all things. Thank YOU Razor Chic for all that you do!”–Tanya Lawrence, Stylist  

And you know what? I don’t even want you to take their word for it, or mine.  

Instead, check out the Razor Chic Mentoring Program for yourself…

  • Hey, are you still reading? ;-)  
  • If so, here’s the deal: I want to help you reach your goal this year, next year, and beyond.  
  • I want you to double or triple your revenue.  
  • To become so successful that you have a whole NEW set of problems  
  • So successful that I get to interview you on Razor Chic Mentoring Program 
  • However, it’s up to you to take the first step, right here.  
  • Razor Chic, Founder


  • Monthly PRE-RECORDED Q&A Sessions and online training with Razor Chic
  • Monthly LIVE ONLINE Q&A Sessions with Razor Chic
  • Unlimited Access To Online Business Courses
  • How To Create A 6 to 7 Figure Ecommerce
  • Much more...
Regularly Price $597 Per Month
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$97 | MONTHLY 
  • The Secret To Having A Worry-Free Salon Without Stress 
  • The referred customer is less sales resistant; therefore, they are automatically less price or free resistant. That means you’ll be able to charge more for your product/service than you would be able to for a cold prospect.
  • How to get your customer to buy more products from you
  • How to get your customers to choose you vs. the competition
  • The automated systems you can easily “move” into your salon.
  • How to get clarity on your ideal customer
  • Much more...

Razor Chic Mentoring Program is for Stylists who want to learn exactly how to make money and enjoy business. 

The More You Learn - The More You Earn

Have you ever wondered if other salons are experiencing the same challenges you are? Don’t you wish there was a TELL ALL business book that didn’t just share the secrets of success, but also shared the good, the bad and the ugly?


Razor Chic and her team of experts will share step by step systems and strategies to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.