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The Millionaire Ex-convict

 how to overcome failure and achieve success!

Eagles don't hang around Ducks Uchendi "Chin" Nwani– Author, The Millionaire Ex-Convict

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"Bishop T.D. Jakes laying hands on Uchendi Nwani."

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder & CEO of Mindvalley

Mindvalley are among the world's best when it comes to product launches. Mindvalley reveal their exact launch blueprint for the famous $1 million "Unlimited Abundance" launch (hint: they renamed the webinar to be called a "live healing session" and got 30,000 registrations)

Ben Simkin

The $900m marketer

Ben is one of the best marketers you haven't heard of. Working quietly behind the scenes, he has generated over $900m of sales using online marketing. Ben reveals his top tips for getting high quality traffic at the lowest possible prices (including how he got 100 qualified leads for a landscaper for less than $4,000).

Bret Gregory

Author, Attract Customers Now

Bret Gregory has acquired more than 1 million REAL fans and sold $1.5m of revenue through Facebook. Read chapter 8 to find out how he's done this. He also reveals the scientific study of 7,000 Facebook posts and shows the two factors to make a post go viral. Use these factors to get more likes, comments and shares on your posts.

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the millionaire ex-convict

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uchendi nwani

#1 Best-selling author of The Millionaire Ex-Convict, Uchendi Nwani is an Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing Coach and Public Speaker. He’s built a super-responsive online community of serious business owners, coached business owners with marketing books, products and services online through social media. He has helped numerous business owners automate their products, online courses and services. Many business owners seek free advice from him via Instagrma @millionairebarber or millionairebarber@gmail.com