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The ultimate step by step course that teaches you how to get more leads, sales, traffic and EVEN BECOME AN INSTAGRAM CONSULTANT EARNING $10K PER MONTH Passive Income with only 100 customers

Like Most People, I Was Losing Sales And Leads. I Started With Zero Followers, No Budget And I Just Used My iPhone (And The Free Instagram App)


But very quickly I discovered some very specific strategies and techniques that we used to explode my sales and leads. It was crazy and exciting to see sales and leads every single day.  

Unlike most of our other marketing efforts, it was seriously easy (and fun too).  

And yes, it's not just about the number of followers but the quality. Because followers don't pay the bills, customers do.  

Our followers quickly signed up to our e-mail list, bought our products and my sales exploded... so did our business.  

The best part?  

It was a completely free source of traffic and engagement that I managed in a few minutes a day.  

Check out this screenshot showing the sales growth of one of my accounts with only Instagram Traffic! $226,647.58 in 9 months!

So, what does this have to do with YOU?  

Well this is where things get interesting. We soon discovered that our methods and techniques weren't a once-off.  

They were SIMPLE, REPEATABLE and soon started working for hundreds (now thousands) of other business owners and entrepreneurs all around the world in nearly every single category and industry you can think of.  

Because if you are interested in: 

*Getting More (targeted and qualified) Customers *Increasing traffic, for free, to your website, blog, product or newsletter *Rapidly building an e-mail list *Boosting your social media influence, branding and status... Then you need to be using Instagram. It's not just about food, butts and bikinis anymore, it's a seriously engaged channel for you to build your tribe, generate sales and gain new customers.

And, at their core, there’s not really anything wrong with these strategies. If you want to dump enough time and money into using them, you can eventually attract customers with these methods – and maybe even turn a profit someday.  

What we found with Instagram is that you can harness highly quality customers, generate more sales, leads and grow your tribe faster, and easier, than on any other platform out there.

The Proven Method for Generating a Predictable Flow of Highly Engaged, Motivated Followers and Customers for Your Business!  

INSTAGRAM PROFITS is an online, step-by-step training program for generating leads, selling products, absolute Instagram Domination.  

This is the exact same set of easy-to-implement techniques that hundreds of other business owners and entrepreneurs, just like you, have used to explode their business and online presence. Just like the my Automated Instagram System Razor Chic uses to explode her sales, leads and account listed below.

Let’s break down exactly what you’ll receive when you join: • Easy-to-follow modules, with video lessons and downloadable assignments that cover everything from the inner-workings of a successful landing page, to advanced growth strategies and techniques.  

• TOOLS/APPS: The ultimate ninja tools I use for Instagram Automation, growth, sales and attracing leads (and detailed instructions on how to use them!)  

• SPECIFICS: My ultimate step-by-step Instagram strategies. The very same actionable process my company (and success stories) use to attract followers quickly, and how to harness your Instagram following to take your business to the next level.  

• RESULTS: Converting followers into dollars. Learn how to not only generate a large community on Instagram, but understand how to drive traffic and generate a large amount of customers and sales. • And SO much more! In this training, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to automate your campaigns… and to use them to bring in customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… without massive ad expenses or “babysitting” your social media accounts! Join Now For INSTANT Access!


YES. It Will Work For You.  

We Know This Because We Have Hundreds Of Success Stories In EVERY Industry Imaginable  

- Here's Exactly What You Get In Each Module- Module 1: Getting Started 

We're going to show you how to setup your Instagram account and Avoid the Biggest Mistakes, so you can maximize sales, leads, engagement and conversions. So many people get this BONUS critical first step wrong, that I learned from a $6,000 course on becoming an Instagram Consultant!  

BONUS: #1 BAIT- How to attract customers like putting cheese or peanut butter out for a mouse

BONUS: #2 How to write a winning Instagram Bio that attracts customers like bees on honey

BONUS: #3 How to properly post and use hashtags to steal your competions clients

BONUS: #4 How to create jotforms, survey forms and quiz forms to make customers chase you

BONUS: #5 How to attract customers with FREE consults, just like the Million Dollar Companies

BONUS: #6 How to create an Automated Instagram System, so your customers will pay you $97 each month 

BONUS: #7 The Top Secret Apps that Gurus will never tell you

*Influencers: We will show you how to Find out who the top 10 influencers in your niche are and uncover what they are doing so you'll know with certainty how to get instant results. Think about it. Isn't it better to have a proven plan of attack before you start any marketing activity? Of course it is. And we will show you exactly how to do it.  

*Traffic: We will show you the secret piggy backing profit method so you can get a consistent flow of traffic by leveraging big brands.  

*Setup: The one thing you must absolutely do on Instagram if you want to have any chance of success (most people get those wrong in the very beginning and wonder why nothing is working)  

*Simple: Then later in the module I'll show you how you how to create a simple yet very effective landing page so you can convert all that new traffic into sales as fast as possible.  

Module 2: Content Strategy We are going to create an epic content strategy that will get you more likes, more engagement, more followers and ultimately more sales! We want your Instagram account to become a “must-follow” account in your market. Your community and tribe will get insane value and you'll grow your email list and sales - a total win/win. You are going to learn how to...  

*Celebrity Content: Easily creating epic content that celebrities and influencers in your niche will be more than happy to share with their tribe. Whether it’s text or photography based, it doesn’t matter. Imagine what this can do for your brand when one of these big players starts sharing your content. I'll show you exactly how we do it and how you can do this too  

*The "Unicorn" Strategy: Then we will teach you the Unicorn strategy to Grow your page super fast. This is a very powerful method of finding epic content that will incredibly boost your results. Again we will teach you how to do it with easy to follow steps  

*Find Images (Easily & Legally): Then I'll show you how to find the best images to post so you can build massive trust with your community. What we want to do here is build a solid relationship with our tribe. And the way we are going to do this is by providing value and sharing content they love I reveal how you'll be able to do this too without any design skills required  

Module 3: Growth Hacks You will learn how to use growth hacking tactics to speed up the growth of your Instagram account You are going to learn:  

*What About Competitions? Discover how the fastest growing brands do giveaways and competitions so that you can explode your followers base  

*HASHTAGS? Learn simple {Hashtag} methods to rapidly grow likes, followers and get found by the right people.  

*Customers: Learn How to find who your perfect potential customers are and how to tailor your message specifically to them so you can maximize your conversions and make more sales  

*Fan Pages: I’m also going to show you what fan pages and how you can utilize them to further fuel the growth of your account  

Module 4: Shoutouts We are going to focus on S4S & Shoutouts so you can capitalize on secret growth strategies all the top Instagrammers are using right now. When I started out all this stuff sounded like Swahili - but I soon realized it was crucial to Instagram growth. I'll navigate you through all of this and lift the lid on these insider strategies...  

The Footsoldier Strategy to get other accounts to share your content and grow your business  

*Track and Measure: Learn to track the effectiveness of a shoutout campaign so you can optimize account growth  

*FAST GROWTH: Discover how to do find accounts to S4S with and how to reach out so you can grow your account FAST  

*How S4S really works: The Share 4 Share method to rapidly grow your account so you can build your business How To "Jump the queue": Discover how much to pay for shoutouts so you don't get ripped off and can turbo-boost your growth  

Module 5: Analytics Analytics sound boring, but it's actually very easy and very important. We will show you simple tools so that you know exactly what's working, and what's not. Save time, do what works. You are gonna love it:  

*WHEN TO POST: Learn to find the best possible times to post for your audience so you can get maximum engagement  

*WINNING: Learn to track your account growth so you can monitor your progress and test what content is working  

*DEALS: Discover how to connect with the top influential accounts that follow you so you can strike partnership deals  

*Focus: What analytics to look at to ensure that you are growing into an influencer as fast as possible. Know what's working and you can double down on that  

Module 6: IG ADS and THE 7 FIGURE AUTOMATED INSTAGRAM BUSINESS SYSTEM We’re going to show you how to utilize Instagram ads for cheap traffic and conversions This is a game changer!!  

Module 7: My Exact Behind The Scenes Step by Step Blueprint (On how I generated $226,647.58 from one simple Instagrm Account)

And Much More...  


Honestly, I can’t imagine any reason why you wouldn’t want to keep bringing in quality followers and customers with relatively little effort. But if you do decide that a predictable flow of targeted traffic just isn’t for you… you’ll get your money. Fair enough?

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Get instant access to Instagram Secrets! 

 Well, I’ve decided to give you ALL the future versions of Instagram Secrets for free. So when we release more videos as Instagram changes things, you’ll get it free and you won’t have to pay $1,997. When we release Instagram Domination 5.0 you’ll also get it free and will save $1997 right away. You will never have to pay for an upgrade fee and you'll receive every update 100% FREE! As you know, Instagram Marketing is constantly evolving.

Bonus #2: Step by Step blueprint (How To Become An Instagram Consultant and earn $10k per month in Residaul Income).  

In all, you’re getting an entire proven system that can help you dramatically grow your customer base… while giving you more time and freedom to enjoy your profits! 


I look forward to helping you attract the hungry, enthusiastic customers you and your business deserve! 


– Uchendi Nwani



A: This is a great question and I can understand how people are being skeptical. 


At the beginning I was actually not so confident either. I was told by a friend that was having a lot of success with Instagram at that time, it would not work for MillionaireBarber. 


Thing is, I’m yet to see a market that applies all of the correct steps where this does not work. I’ve seen this work anywhere from barbers, stylists and entrepreneurs.


It’s just absolutely insane how many markets where this does work. I think that way you should look at this is to remember just how many people use Instagram as their vision board. Fans in a market love using Instagram to share what they find interesting and what they find inspiring. You can find Instagram accounts and influencers on every single niche you can imagine. 




A: The short answer is absolutely! 


Look, there are many different languages for Instagram, so if you work in one market, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work in other markets, in other countries. I’ve definitely seen accounts before that have quite sizeable numbers with different languages. 


So if it works for other accounts and other industries, why wouldn’t it work for you? 




A: That is what’s great with this system. You can absolutely do this by yourself, if you are someone who are still working full time and are trying to get all set up in your spare time, this is going to be brilliant for you. With your smartphone, you can even do this during your breaks, commuting, whenever you have a spare five minutes or you can simply automated it. 


The key thing is be consistent. Whatever you do when you start, don’t give up. And I recommend you have social media Mondays where you put maybe an hour or so for your day, and you create all your content for the week. Then you simply schedule your post, then let everything work on autopilot. Remember, like everything, you get out what you put in. 




A: The Instagram Secrets System has two parts. I show you all the techniques you need to use to grow your Instagram account fast with free strategies and then we dive into all the paid opportunities you can take advantage of, if you want to speed things up. So it’s the best of both worlds! 


If you are just starting out, and are someone on a tight budget, you can totally get going with the powerful free strategies. If you’re a seasoned marketer looking to fast track your results, you’re going to love the paid techniques like the paid shoutouts. It is very cool. 


When I got started, I didn’t have a big budget, or anything like that, so what I did- and I recommend to all my student starting out was focus on posting great valuable content on a regular basis, and the leverage all the free tools and tricks to get fast momentum. As your account grows, you can then start buying some shoutouts if you want, and the most important thing is to make sure you’re always capturing your traffic and building your email list. There’s no point to getting thousands of Instagram followers if you don’t know what to do with them. I’ll teach you how to do that inside the Instagram Secrets system. 



The reason influencers are important is they are key part our our Instagram growth system, and it’s pretty much from doing a massive amount of partnerships and cross promotion. This goes behind the scenes ridiculously for all the top Instagram accounts, and you wouldn’t even know. 

Once you’ve identified influencers, ask yourself ‘how can I help? How can I serve?’ So how do you find influencers in your market? The way we did it was to look at people who were engaging with their content and we would look at their profiles, and look at who they were following. You would see the same accounts popping up again and again, and guess what? They were influencers in our market. 




A: There’s many different ways. Shouting out their content, taking a screenshot of their content and sharing it on your page. Commenting on what you’ve liked about a post they’ve made and be specific. What did you like about the post. Being specific makes you standout. Do this over a consistent period of time, and do not expect anything in return. Follow all their social media, purchase their products or services. In one case, I actually even helped an Instagram, I was setting up his online business, and he was an entrepreneur that had a big bricks and mortar company. They have over a million followers now on Instagram, so they’re gonna return the favour.