Entrepreneurs that Empower the world through their messages.

Together with our stories, we can serve our audience on a higher level in order for them to reach their full potential. Our stories will be different as no story is the same. However, we all have a story that can help somebody else in their journey.  

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Anyone who could benefit from seeing the positive effects of Empowerment on a person's professional and personal lives. Anyone that needs to see examples of the power of service and why it is important to the world. Anyone that needs to see how people can come from any background and turn into the change they want to see for the world.


This anthology showcases nine women and one man that empower the world through their messages and businesses. The authors have lived their lives to empower, encourage, motivate, and inspire others along the way. 

In a world where people are for themselves, these authors share the importance of standing in the gap for others and being an example of truth and hope every day.  

As you read each chapter, be open to the journey and lessons presented by each author. Each journey is different, but they all lead to each author finding their truth and purpose. It shows that even though the journey is different, they all ended at the ultimate goal. 

Feel free to reach out to each author and tell them how their chapter resonated with you and make a connection. It is our hope that once you read these stories of empowerment, you will see how you can empower others in your life as well. You have the power within you. It’s time to share it with the people who need it in this world!


Dr. Aikyna Finch is an Author, Social Media Coach, and Speaker. She coaches in the areas of Empowerment, Life and Social Media at the individual and groups levels from my company Finch and Associates LLC. She is the co-host of the Motivate Social Podcast broadcasted by her company Changing Minds Online. She speaks and livestreams on the topics of Motivation, Education, and Social Media.  

In 2018, she founded the Social Power Summit, an event with a Live and Virtual component for Women in STEM and People of Color in Social Media to have a platform where they can shine.  

Dr. Finch is the Co-Author of seven books and launched my first solo project, Motivation Ignited in November of 2016. She is a contributor for Huffington Post, Goalcast, Forbes and Thrive Global. She has been interviewed and featured on Huffington Post, Hello Beautiful, Women Speakers Association, and many others.  

She has spoken on many platforms to include: Periscope Summit, Women In Leadership Summit, The Boldly Empowering Entrepreneurs Conference, The Business Vlog Summit and many more! She can be found at DrADFinch on all Social Media Platforms.


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"Cheryl Guidry's Queen Get Yo Life Back chapter was nothing short of phenomenal. She shared her struggles as well as gave insight on pulling yourself out of a dark place and doing the work to pull yourself back together after divorce. It was relatable, jaw-dropping, and authentic. Great read!"


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 The "Queen Get Yo Life Back" chapter by Cheryl shares the journey of three queens as they fight through failed marriages and family challenges to regain the "Queen" status that she is. As a man, this chapter spoke to me; reminding me that my wife; my "Queen" is beautiful, intelligent, and hand-picked by God to share a lifelong journey with me. I thank Cheryl for her words of empowerment; not only to women that struggle to find their purpose but also to the men who see and understand the role your "Queen" plays. She sacrifices her own goals to support you and the family. Excellent read!


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 My favorite chapter, "Peace For Purpose" by Sylvia Smith Johnson, provides great advice that's applicable to anyone, whether they are seriously considering starting a business or dealing with the struggles and activities of everyday life. Johnson asks the reader what good is achieving success without having peace, and then offers five essential tips that will help you realize your dreams while staying focused and keeping peace in the midst of a storm. Her advice is inspirational, down to earth and uplifting. For example, she summarizes a poem that says when all seems to be going wrong, take time to rest, but don't give up. Priceless!!


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